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Today is the day! Just a reminder that the event does start at 8:00AM but if you would rather just show up for just the ½1/2 mile event you can show up as late as 2:00PM if you'd like. Your car will need to be inspected by our techs by 4:00PM to make sure it is safe and ready for you to track today.  

Schedule for ½1/2 Mile Event:

1:30-4:00PM - Tech inspections

3:30-3:45PM - Drivers Meeting

4:10-4:25PM - Parade Lap (preview of route)

4:30-7:00PM - ½1/2 Mile Runs

7:30-9:00PM - Dinner and Award Ceremony

     *schedule may be subject to change. If anything changes we'll send out text updates and reminders.

To see the full schedule for all the events tomorrow,  including the air shows,  click the link below:

Don't forget that your  drivers pass includes a plus 1 so be sure to invite your spouse or friend to join you.


This year we are meeting directly at the Spanish Fork Airport. When you arrive to the airport we have our own separate gate for us to enter into. Our gate is the East gate on the South side of the airport (shown on the map below). The entrance is low car friendly and will be the same entrance you will use after doing your speed runs. If you plan on trailering your car to the event you will follow the same route but unload and park it in designated area shown on the map of our staging area.

Half Mile Gate.jpg

Once you get into the gate you will be approached by one of our staff. They will take your name and place a sticker on your front windshield to let the graphics team know what number to install onto your car for the event. Once we get clearance from the FAA and airport we will guide you all the way to our private hanger. It will be an active taxi way so you may have to wait until it is safe and clear for us to guide you down.

When you enter into the 1/2 mile staging area you will park your car and sign in at the table in front of our hanger. From there they will hand you your badges and gear. While your car is parked our graphics team will install the numbers and our tech team will look over your vehicle to ensure that it is safe to run. 

Although not often or very likely, it is possible for your car not to pass. Last year the main organizers personal car didn't pass.


We will begin our drivers meeting when the tech inspections are about done. We will text you with a 15 minute notice. This mandatory meeting is where we will go through the rules, safety guidelines and some tips to help you. Shortly after the drivers meeting is completed we will do a parade lap. This is where we will all drive around the entire route so you can get a feel for the track and know where to turn (which will be marked by signs as well). At the end of the route is where we will begin the start of the 1/2 mile runs. (Route shown below)

Pit Map Updated.jpg

At the start line each car will be told when to go. The next car doesn't go until the car in front is completely off the track. You are able to make as many passes as you'd like before we have to open the runway back up around 7pm. Once you make your pass you need to obey all traffic laws as you will be driving on public roads back to the starting line. 

Once we're finished with all our passes we will head back to our hanger where we will do the catered dinner and award ceremony.

If you have any issues or questions please feel free to reply to the number that will be texting you with updates.

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